Birth Edition

We chose the theme of birth for its versatility; while evoking a chaotic, messy and surreal human experience, it is also the concept of creating new things – sometimes giving birth to an idea and all the pain and thrill that comes with it, the birth of new addictions, awareness, practices, fears. 

Something so human and deep-rooted in our nature, given to writers and artists from across the globe to redefine in their own terms. 

Something for our reader to reflect upon and rethink their own definition of the concept of ‘newness’ in relation to themselves.

This is what the Impeached community has birthed.

What’s inside


1. Thoughts after Pastis 
Words – Franziska Bachmann
Visuals – Dylan Spiteri

2. Peaches & Punanis, Why it was never just about Bananas and Babies
Words – Lara Calleja
Visuals – Imogen Hobson

3. The birth of cleaner air travel
Words – Glenn Galea
Visuals – Yentl Spiteri

4. The birth of the Plant Mom
Words – Trudy Darmanin
Visuals – Yentl Spiteri

5. Birth
Visuals – Justine Ellul
Humans – Madeleine Baldacchino

6. Fake News
Word – Christine Spiteri
Visuals – Sara Paone

7. The birth of Internet Fatigue
Words – Trudy Darmanin

8. After birth- To work or not to work?
Words – Maria Giulia Pace
Visuals –  Justine Ellul
Humans – Lilian Casaletto, Rebecca Bonaci & Stephanie Vella Critien

9. The ramblings of a woman in her late 20s
Words – Rebecca Camilleri

10. The Birth of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Words – Tatiana Mogileva
Visuals – Veda V Thomas


Online Version

Team Behind the edition


Curated by: Glenn Galea, Trudy Darmanin, Livia Casati, Michela Bevivino, Yentl Spiteri

Contributions by:
 Jordi Alexander Bello Tabbi, Giulia Dozza, Filippo de Pretis, Franziska Bachmann, Dylan Spiteri, Lara Calleja, Imogen Hobson, Matthias Niederhäuser, Robin Wenger, Rebecca Camilleri, Christine Spiteri, Sara Paone, Maria Giulia Pace,  Justine Ellul, Lilian Casaletto, Rebecca Bonaci, Stephanie Vella Critien, Madeleine Baldacchino, Tatiana Mogileva, Veda “V” Thomas

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Virtual Virtuosity

Virtual Virtuosity

Unburdened by the limitations of the real world, visionary concepts and fictional scenarios of architecture and design in virtual space, are explored in /imagine: A Journey into The New Virtual at MAK in Vienna, Austria.

The Lure of the Fantastical and the Unknown

The Lure of the Fantastical and the Unknown

Looking through Patricia Piccinini’s portfolio, is like stepping into wonderland; “curiouser and curiouser”, as Lewis Carroll famously wrote. Here, however, one won’t find any Mad Hatters, March Hares, hookah-smoking caterpillars perched on mushrooms, or White Rabbits donning a pocket-watch. This is a different kind of wonderland. One, which is strangely, yet decidedly, alluring.

Self-Dysmorphia in the Age of Filters

Self-Dysmorphia in the Age of Filters

The age of social media has brought with it a new kind of self-dysmorphia – one that is fueled by the filters we use to present a perfected image of ourselves to the world. In the world of social media, the line between reality and illusion is blurred, and our perception of ourselves can become distorted.

Duality of Ecstasy

Duality of Ecstasy

The Duality of Ecstasy captures the complexity of human emotion through mime and rhyme. The new short film from Maltese director Keith Albert Tedesco explores the extremes that elevate us and estrange us into ecstasy through a series of vignettes interwoven with French narrative.

The veiled world of curios collecting

The veiled world of curios collecting

I used to collect everything. If I found myself with two objects of the same nature, I would find myself wanting more of them. Ten or so years back I started cutting out the general collecting and focused more so on curiosities. I’ve always loved the layers of curios shelves, skulls, bottles, objects of nature naturally formed into beautiful objects. It’s also nice to have objects that have a story behind them.

Janus Head

Janus Head

We asked four people that each have a history with drug abuse to share their experience while in a rehab journey. We took the best and worst bits from these altered real-life experiences and put them through an AI image generator. A pair of images are generated for each subject depicting the ecstasy and aftermath from their recollections. How accurately does AI capture the sentiment that words are trying to convey?