photo call for submissions

Impeached is thrilled to announce an open call for artists working in the photographic medium to contribute to an upcoming photo book titled:

Becoming Poison: A Lens On The Toxic World of Plastic

This project is dedicated to exploring and exposing the profound effects of plastic in its various forms.

The Call

We are seeking compelling images that align with the following three main categories:

1. Visual Narrative: Striking images of plastic in various environments – from urban landscapes to remote natural settings. This section would aim to visually represent the ubiquity of plastic waste and its intrusion into all corners of the planet.

2. Human Element: Photographs depicting how humans interact with plastic daily in a consumer culture overwhelmed by often single-use plastics.

3. Paradox of Plastics: Capturing the material’s aesthetic appeal.

4. Fusion of Artifice: Cutting edge imagery that blends AI-imagery with the theme of plastic, highlighting the synthetic and manufactured essence of both.

Photographers from all corners of the world are encouraged to submit their unique perspectives on this global issue that transcends borders.


– Submit your entries by the end of April via the form below.
– Each photographer can submit up to three photographs for consideration.

Important Note: 

Whilst submitting photographs is free, those whose work is selected for inclusion will be asked to contribute a fee of €45. This fee is necessary to cover the production costs of the photobook and also includes an exclusive feature on Impeached Digital.

Becoming Poison aims to be a powerful and evocative photographic exploration in book form. Our goal is to raise awareness, stir emotions, and perhaps even inspire action against one of our time’s most pressing environmental issues.

We look forward to your submissions and the unique stories your photographs will tell.
Let’s join forces to create a narrative that highlights the toxic world of plastics.


Here, we’ve compiled answers to the most common questions to make your submissiom as straightforward as possible.

When is the deadline?

The deadline to apply is the 30th April 2024. 

Is there an entry fee?

To enter, there is no fee. However, selected artists will be asked to pay a nominal fee of Eur45.

What do selected artists get?

Selected artists will be published on the publication, receive a phyiscal copy and also be invited for the launch. 

Are there other opportunities for selected artists?

Selected artists can also have the opportunity to be featured on Impeached Online, as well as sell their work through our partners at the Bored Peach Club. 

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