The Ecstasy Issue

The tumultuous tumbling through existential space as you fall deep in love. The disorientation of being dropped into environments that mimic yours, but not quite.
The freedom of letting yourself float, on substance, emotion, creativity, joy, grief, art, life, death.

Like a shot of something foreign under your skin, altering your mind, altering you.

Welcome to Ecstasy.

What’s inside


0. Data Humanism

  1. Wired Renaissance
  2. Rapture
  3. The Call
  4. Janus’ head
  5. Curiouser and Curiouser
  6. The Transfiguration
  7. Evidence of a Former Love
  8. Chemical Reactions
  9. The Lure of the Fantastical and the Unknown
  10. In the Club
  11. Gluttony and Lust
  12. Out of Body

The team


Ahad,Benedetta Cari, Banshee,Camilla Romano, Chiara Maierhofer Muscarà, Claudia Pecoraro, Dario Montigiani, Davide Emanuele Nappi, Filippo Bosco,Francesca Minnella, Glenn Galea, Henry Scragg, Keith A. Tedesco, Lisa Gwen, Olivier de Sagazan, Patricia Piccinini, Ralph Whitehead, Refik Anadol, Roberto Ferri, Silvia Mongelli



Director and Editor in Chief: Jordi A. Bello Tabbi

Creative Director: Michela Bevivino
Features Editor: Trudy Darmanin
Multimedia and Video Editor: Livia Casati
Digital Editor and Social Media Manager: Ritty Tacsum
Book and Graphic Designer: Klim Kutsevskyy

Executive Production:  Von Peach

Special Thanks

Madeleine Roma, Curiosities from the 5th Corner, Laura Cohen, Ritual The Club, Torture Garden, Alona