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Casa Zala – Where Dreams Meet Waves

Nestled in the heart of El Paredón, a captivating destination in Guatemala, Casa Zala tells a tale of serendipity, determination, and boundless creativity.

In April 2019, the stars aligned as Saci and Alex’s paths converged in El Paredón. Saci was exploring uncharted territories, while Alex, with a history tied to the local NGO La Choza Chula, was immersed in the community. As fate would have it, their story encountered a twist with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Marooned in rural Hungary’s Zalaszántó, Saci’s hometown, the Casa Zala concept was conceived.

Embracing seven months in Zalaszántó, the Casa Zala vision germinated. Come September 2020, the reopening of Guatemala’s international airport marked their journey back. Two years of tireless planning, innovative design, and devoted construction brought the dream to fruition. United by a passion for travel, Saci and Alex aimed to curate a space resonating with their preferences – a space infused with care and thoughtfulness.

In a post-pandemic world, El Paredón emerged as a discovery for many, celebrated for its pristine waves, natural beauty, and warm community. A mere two-hour drive from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Antigua and three hours from Guatemala City’s vibrant core, El Paredón captured attention. Here, Casa Zala found its haven, a brief three-minute saunter from the captivating black-sand beach. Dining, bars, and shops are a stone’s throw away, as Casa Zala envelops guests in a sanctuary nested within paradise.

Fusing luxury and rustic charm, Saci and Alex’s vision cultivated an atmosphere conducive to global camaraderie and personal solace. Private rooms and terraces coexist harmoniously with social spaces. Amenities encompass a fully-equipped kitchen, saltwater pool with a waterfall, and an upper-level oasis where yoga meets ocean breezes. With three king-sized suites, a two-queen loft, and a self-sufficient studio apartment, Casa Zala extends hospitality to 12, mirroring the boundless waves.

El Paredón’s rapid evolution has spawned a tapestry of bars and eateries, offering diverse exploratory avenues. Casa Zala’s dwellers enjoy a plethora of activities, from surfing lessons to observing year-round feeding of sea turtles, kayaking through mangroves, or embarking on enriching yoga sessions. Seamless transfers from local locales are catered to, while extended stays are encouraged through weekly and monthly discounts.

Casa Zala stands as a beckoning gateway – not just a haven for repose, but a conduit to El Paredón’s marvels and unique experiences.

Julien Pacaud: of gods and men

All photos courtesy of Casa Zala / Greg Bonnefond

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