The Birth of a plant mum

The birth edition,  Issue 02



Only around COVID lockdown times did my bored brain start wondering, why on earth are we collectively purchasing, mothering and photographing succulents as like, an unpaid part-time hustle we actually don’t hate? Why are we paying extra to obtain cacti with a pair of googly eyes stuck on them and naming them Penelope? WTF?

It’s a very mindful hobby, and there’s so much satisfaction when you see plants thrive under your care. To be completely fair, I did used to get a bit upset when any of the plants struggled under my care (and sometimes a few still kick the bucket!) – but I just keep in mind that if a plant dies, I have an excuse to go buy more – and the fun of a plant shopping spree is unparalleled, especially because there are so many varieties, often quite cheap!

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Text by: Trudy Darmanin
Visuals: Yentl Spiteri

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